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Fitness Tips To Suit Your Body Type

It is believed that the hereditary has the vital role to play in generating the necessary shape of the body. Hence one has to initiate from scratch so that he can achieve the best possible with whatever he has inherited. Body type of any individual is the term which is correlated with the metabolism and hereditary pre-character towards gaining fat muscle or remaining lean. It is believed that the nature has programmed all of us by birth to be tall and long-limbed, short heightened and short limbed, small stature or big boned or just no matter what. It is better for all of us to start accommodating the imitable things regarding our stature or body type, and proceed towards developing on what could be developed.

According to the physiologists women are classified into three basic body types.

Ectomorphic body types are lean, long limbed and mostly tall. Such individuals have usually tall torsos, slimmer hips and shoulders and small bones in proper ratio to their height. The individuals of this body types mostly have the superior metabolic rates making it difficult for them to gain both muscle and fat. The persons of this body type require less aerobics and should do anaerobic or strength building or resistance training exercises with repetitions ranging between 6 and 10 associated with the rest time of around 45 to 90 seconds between each of their exercise sets. The number of sets needed to be performed would be based on the necessity for fitness. The aerobic workouts should last for minimal of 20 minutes done thrice a week for the cardiovascular fitness. The routine could differ in case if the person is playing the sport. If they wish to gain size then they are advised to entail strength training too with 6-10 repetitions lifting heavier weights with resist time of 30-45 seconds.

Endomorphic body types are short limbed and torso with more rounded body shape. They apt easily storing more body fat and may be big boned too. They usually gain more weight in their lower body parts. These persons could be curvilinear and generally spend their lives fighting fats. The cardiovascular workouts of nearly 30-40 minutes for 3 to 5 times every week is suggested. Also because of improving their MBR for burning more calories at rest than fat, these body types are required taking up the strength training program involving higher repetitions of at least 12 to 20 with 30 t6o 60 seconds rest between the two sets. Aerobic exercise is also necessary for losing excess weight, cardiovascular fitness and body-shaping. On the other hand, anaerobic exercise is required for gaining muscle and building strength.

Mesomorphic body types are likely to have square, sturdy bodies and are generally quite big boned. They have athletic stature and could gain muscles rather easily than persons of other body types. If they gain weight it is usually centered in the abdominal area. These body types require taking 20 minutes of cardiovascular workouts thrice each week for maintaining their fitness levels. They usually need balanced strength training program comprising of low repetitions for size and higher repetitions for sharpness. The extent of aerobic workout may differ based on the type of sport they play of the targets they have set.

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