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Anatomy - Bodybuilding

The term anatomy means the structure or composition or the frame work and the term body building perhaps needs no introduction nowadays as we would hardly find a guy who is not interested in body building for shaping up his or her body to add to the personality. Irrespective of age or sex more and more people are attempting to try body building. We simply know that body building is all about building up muscles and grow stronger. Hence at this juncture it is rather very important to thoroughly know the anatomy of body building. This would definitely help the enthusiasts jump in faster and easier in the ocean of the body building.

Lets consider it in brief - body building is about the functions of the muscles, starting from the neck, there are two basic muscles in the neck that need to be focused while undergoing body building workout. The upper trapezium muscle goes from the back of the neck to the shoulders. The levator scapula is another muscle in the neck which runs next to the first six cervical vertebrae that too are situated in the neck. The trapezium or the trap muscles or better known as the trap muscles in fact run down from the back side of the neck down to the waist on both the sides of the spinal cord.

The deltoid muscles, also known as the delt muscles - is the next group of muscles situated in the shoulder region, the anterior or frontal delt is placed in the front of the shoulder and the posterior delt runs down on the back of the shoulders. The middle delt runs down the shoulder side. Situated just below the anterior or frontal muscle from the arm pit, is the rotator cuff muscle which frequently gets in great pain. The chest muscles are known as the pectoral muscles.

The next are the triceps and the biceps which are positioned in the arms. The triceps run down side of the arms right from the shoulder area to the elbow joint, while the biceps are positioned in the arms only. More over there are some of the very diverse group of muscles positioned in the forearms. Next are the stomach muscles that are often termed as the abs or the abdominals. This area is the main focus of the body due to its central positioning. Hence it is essential to build up muscles there both for overall core strength for permitting the rest of the body.

The muscles positioned in the legs are technically termed as the quadriceps muscles which are also known as the quads. However, the hamstring muscle is located in the upper leg area. One typical muscle group which demands vital focus while body building workout exercises, is known as the buttocks or the glutes, the lats that are positioned in the upper back region whereas the muscles positioned in the lower back are termed as the lower trap muscles. The comprehensive awareness and detailed knowledge about all the muscles greatly help during the body building training program.

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