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Women Forearm Exercise

Forearm muscle contributes to about a third of your arm mass, and without its proper development your arm will always look out of proportion. You need properly instructed workouts for the complete development of forearm muscle. Forearm muscle includes front of the forearm (the anterior) as well as back of the forearm (the posterior): to help control the movement of lower arm while approaching and pulling towards you with the elbow joint. These two important sections -the anterior and the posterior house major nerves: the radial nerve, the ulnar nerve and the median nerve.

A strong set of forearms is obligatory for a number of recreational activities like softball, rock climbing, and many more. So, what are you waiting for? Ladies perhaps it's the right time to roll up your sleeves and to take your part in the following forearms exercises:

Barbell Wrist Curls : To perform, sit on a flat bench with elbows bent, resting a little above your knees. Your hands must be parallel to your knees with approximately 8 inches apart. Grip the barbell tightly at your fingertips with your palms facing outward so that your wrists are turned downward as far as they'll move. Then curl your wrists firmly and your knuckles in upward direction bring the barbell towards yourself. You have to exert whole pressure on forearm muscles throughout the motion. Repeat this movement for at least 14-16 reps over three sets.

Reverse Wrist Curls : For this, just sit on a bench and take a light Barbell in your hands. Place your knees about eight inches apart from your forearms resting on your upper legs. Palms must face the floor and keep barbell on your fingertips. Your hands with eight inches apart turn your wrists completely downward, and then firmly raise your wrists upward as much as they can. Continue this motion by curling the wrists down toward starting position before repeating the movement. Do 14-16 reps over three sets for a good burn.

Reverse Curls : To perform, take a light curl bar and hold it down at your thighs. Take a reverse grip on the bar and your palms must be facing away from you. Keeping your elbows locked at your sides; lift the bar up toward your chest. Stop when your forearms are completely contracted, means, your hands should be across your shoulders. Allow the weight to conduct the negative portion of the exercise as you bring your arms back to the starting position. Squeeze your forearm muscles during the negative movement. Try three sets of 10-12 reps.

Forearms are to the biceps workout what triceps are to your chest workout. If you're planning on working forearms into your workout regimen, always try to work them in after your biceps workout, as you don't want your forearms fatigued by the time you decide to workout for biceps

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