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Lifting weight becomes more effective with Weight Benches.

Consider lifting weight to get your upper body and lower body toned and conditioned. If you are contemplating getting into lifting weights or bettering the routine you already have, you may want to consider looking into weight benches.

Along with free weights, this versatile fitness equipment offers a strong and stable platform for toning, shaping, sculpting and building your muscles.

Lifting weights is best done on weight benches. Weight benches come in a variety of sizes so when choosing from our extensive range of benches, it is important to match the product the training program to which you aspire.

Smaller models have 2 inch heavy steel tubing and 2 foot wide crutches. This type would be good for use with a weight set from 110 to 165 pounds.

A medium size model, with 2 1/2 inch heavy steel tubing and approx. 3 foot wide could be used with a weight set going up to 310 pounds.

Large (or Olympic) size models can have upto 3 inch heavy steel tubing with 3 ft 8 inch wide crutches that allow a wider than normal grip on a 7 foot bar.

Weight benches make it possible to develop a comprehensive power training program to achieve optimal results.

Browse through the different styles and grades of weight benches and choose the one that suits you best and for your your needs.

You may be able to find a great deal on used weight benches on don’t forget to browse the auctions.

Also, remember that all companies offer convenient shipping to most destinations in the US, UK, Canada and worldwide. Good prices and convenient shipping at your fingertips.

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