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Leg Extension Exercise with Leg Curls

Target Muscles


This exercise helps to develop the front thigh muscles, particularly the teardrop muscles that hold the knee.

Starting Position of Leg Extention

  • Sit on the leg extension machine, adjusting it so that the back of your thighs are fully supported on the seat.
  • Hook your feet under the foot pads. The pads should rest on the lowest part of your shins, just above your ankles.
  • Hold on to the sides of the seat or the handles on the sides of the machine to prevent your hips lifting as you perform the exercise.

The Movement during Leg Extention

  • Straighten your legs to full extension, keeping your thighs and backside fully in contact with the bench.
  • Hold this fully contracted position for a count of two; then slowly return to the starting point.

Leg Extention Training Tips

  • Do not allow your hips to raise off the seat.
  • Try to 'resist' the weight as you lower your legs back to the starting point - avoid letting the weight swing your legs back.
  • Make sure you fully straighten the leg until the knees are locked do not perform partial movements.
  • Avoid swinging/kicking your legs ­ control the movement.

Variations og Leg Extention

One-leg Extension
You can do leg extensions with one leg at a time. This allows you to concentrate fully on each repetition.

Toes Outwards
Angling the feet slightly outwards places more emphasis on the vastus lateralis.

Toes Inwards
Angling the feet slightly inwards places more emphasis on the vastus medialis.

Exercises for your Legs, Hips and Glutes Workouts.

  • Barbell Squat.
  • Dead Lift.
  • Leg Press.
  • Leg Extention.
  • Front Lunge (dumbbell or barbell).
  • Reverse Lunge.
  • Lying Leg Curl.
  • Straight-leg Dead Lift.
  • Standing Calf Raise.
  • One-leg Dumbbell Calf Raise.
  • Leg Press Machine Calf Press.
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