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Lat Pull-down Exercise

Lat Pull-down Targets Following Muscles:

Lattisimus dorsi, Rhomboids
Also used Biceps, Posterior deltoids, Fore-arms.

Starting Position of Lat Pull-down

  • Hold the bar, with your hands just over shoulder-width apart and palms facing forwards.
  • Sit on the seat, adjusting it so that your knees fit snugly under the roller pads. Your arms should be fully extended.

The Movements of Lat Pull-down

  • Pull the bar down towards your chest until it touches the upper part of your chest, arching your back slightly.
  • Hold for a count of two; then slowly return to the starting position.

Lat Pull-down Technique and Tips

  • Keep your trunk as still as possible - avoid swinging backwards.
  • Focus on keeping your elbows directly under the bar and squeezing the shoulder­blades together.
  • Do not shorten the return phase of the
    movement - extend your arms fully.
  • Do not lean back too far.
  • Use wrist straps to improve your grip when using heavy weights.
  • Do not pull the bar down behind your neck. This can stress the weaker muscles in the shoulders and reduce the work done by the back muscles.

Variations of Lat Pull-down

Close grip
This variation works the inner portion of the latissimus dorsi rather than the outer portion, thus creating more depth to the mid-back. Use a triangle bar attachment and bring it down in front of your neck until it just touches the mid-point of your chest.

Reverse grip
This variation also thickens the latissimus dorsi rather than widening them, thus creating more depth to the mid-back. Use a short straight bar attachment and hold the bar with your palms facing towards you, about 15-20 cm apart.

Exercises for your Back Workouts.

Lat Pull-down.


One-arm Row.

Seated Cable Row.

Bent-over Barbell Row.

Straight-arm Pull-downs.

Dumbbell Shrug.

Back Extention on the Floor.

Back Extention with Swiss Ball.

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