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Lying Triceps Extention

Target Muscles

Triceps (Especially the outer and medial heads).
Also used Brachioradialis.

Starting Position

  • Lie on your back on a fIat bench. If you have an excessive arch in your back, place your feet on the end of the bench or on a low step.
  • Hold the bar with your hands slightly less than shoulder-width apart, palms facing forwards.
  • The bar should be positioned directly over your head with your arms fully extended.

The Movement

  • Keeping your upper arms absolutely stationary, bend your elbows as you lower the bar until it just touches your forehead.
  • Hold for a count of two; then straighten your arms back to the starting position.


  • For maximum muscle development, straighten your arms fully at the end of the movement.
  • Keep your elbows perfectly still - do not allow them to move out to the sides, or backwards with the bar.
  • Keep your lower back firmly down on the bench.
  • Lower the bar as far back as you safely can
    to achieve the greatest ROM.


The movement may be performed with either a straight bar or an EZ-bar. The EZ-bar places your forearms midway between supination and neutral, which you may find more comfortable.

Lying dumbbell triceps extension
Use a dumbbell instead of a barbell, placing your hands against the inner side of one of the end plates. You may also perform this exercise holding a pair of dumbbells, palms facing each other.

Lying single-arm triceps extension
Perform the movement using a dumbbell (as above), one arm at a time, palms facing inwards. You may use your free hand to steady your working elbow.

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