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Importance of arms Exercises

Exercise for Arms

Arms are the classic showpieces of strength weight trainers. Like a well-developed chest, they are visible proof of the work you put in at the gym - although for women, the result will not be a bulky masculine look.

Developing your arm strength will help your performance in many sports. Elbow flexion (bending) and the muscles involved are important when playing forehand strokes in tennis and squash, shooting in hockey, playing a long shot in golf, pulling the body upwards in climbing, grabbing an opponent in rugby and the martial arts, and pushing movements in gymnastics.
The triceps are also involved in numerous upper-body actions, including:

  • Overhead hitting and throwing movements - e.g. the tennis serve, volleyball spike and basketball shot
  • Pushing actions - e.g. the shot-put, the chest pass in netball and basketball throwing a punch in boxing and in the martial arts.

One common mistake is to train only the biceps, thinking this will produce stronger and bigger arms. However, the triceps make up the largest part of the arm muscles so it is important to devote equal time and effort to triceps training. Many men also use weights that are too heavy in their quest for bigger arms, sacrificing good technique and gaining only minimal results.

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