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Reverse Lunge

Reverse Lunge Targets Following Muscles:

glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps.

Starting Position of Reverse Lunge

  • Place a barbell across the back of your shoulders or hold a pair of dumbbells at the sides of your body with arms fully extended (palms facing your body).
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forwards. Lift your chest up and look straight ahead.

The Movements of Reverse Lunge

  • Drop your right leg behind your body, bending your left leg, lowering your hips and keeping your trunk upright.
  • Lower yourself into a one-legged squat position on your left leg until your left thigh is parallel to the floor. Your left knee should be at an angle of 90°. Hold for a count of one.
  • Push hard through your left leg, strongly contracting the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings to return your right leg into position. Don't push through your right (back) leg.
  • Complete the desired number of repetitions; then repeat with the left leg leading.

Reverse Lunge Exercise Technique and Tips

  • Keep your front knee positioned directly over your ankle - do not allow it to extend further forwards.
  • Keep your body erect throughout the movement - do not lean forwards.

Variations of Reverse Lunge

Smith machine reverse lunge
Stand directly under the bar of the Smith machine so that it rests fairly low across your upper back while still allowing you to maintain an upright posture. Hold the bar and lift it from the rack, unlocking the safety catches. Perform the movement as above.

Exercises for your Legs, Hips and Glutes Workouts.

  • Barbell Squat.
  • Dead Lift.
  • Leg Press.
  • Leg Extention.
  • Front Lunge (dumbbell or barbell).
  • Reverse Lunge.
  • Lying Leg Curl.
  • Straight-leg Dead Lift.
  • Standing Calf Raise.
  • One-leg Dumbbell Calf Raise.
  • Leg Press Machine Calf Press.
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