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Training your back will change the proportions of your entire body. Well developed latissimus dorsi muscles (lats) create that classic V-shape, making your waist appear smaller and, for women, balancing the curves of the lower body.

Strong back muscles are important in sports that involve pulling actions, such as rowing. These actions are used in rugby tackling, judo, boxing, gymnastics and swimming, especially butterfly and front crawl. A strong back will also help you develop other major muscle groups, as your back assists in key exercises such as squatting, shoulder presses and standing biceps curls; while having a strong back helps in everyday activities, such as lifting and carrying, and prevents back injuries.

Exercises for your Back Workouts.

Lat Pull-down.


One-arm Row.

Seated Cable Row.

Bent-over Barbell Row.

Straight-arm Pull-downs.

Dumbbell Shrug.

Back Extention on the Floor.

Back Extention with Swiss Ball.

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