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Leg Press Exercise

Leg Press Targets Following Muscles:

glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings.

Also a good strength and mass builder for the lower body, the leg press exercise is often preferred by those with weak lower-back muscles. There is little involvement of the stabiliser muscles and, paradoxically, may lead to urther weakening or imbalance of the deep muscles close to the spine and pelvis To reduce injury risk, keep your lower back flat on the support.

Starting Position of Leg Press

  • Sit into the base of the leg press machine (seated, lying or incline) with your back firmly against the padding.
  • Position your feet parallel and hip-width apart on the platform.
  • Release the safety bars and extend your legs.

The Movements of Leg Press Exercise

  • Slowly bend your legs and lower the platform in a controlled fashion until your knees almost touch your chest. Hold for a count of one.
  • Return the platform to the starting position, pushing hard through your heels.

Training Tips for performing Leg Press

  • Keep your back in full contact with the base; do not allow your lower spine to curl' up as you lower the platform.
  • Keep your knees in line with your toes. . Do not 'snap out' or lock your knees as you straighten your legs back to the starting position.
  • Make sure you do not bounce your knees off your chest.

Variations in Leg Press

Wide foot spacing.
Placing your feet shoulder-width apart with your toes angled outwards puts more empha­sis on the inner thigh muscles and will there­fore help to develop this part of the thigh.

Feet higher on platform.
Placing your feet higher on the platform SOt that your toes are almost off the edge puts more emphasis on the hamstrings and! glutes and will therefore help develop these! muscles.

Exercises for your Legs, Hips and Glutes Workouts.

  • Barbell Squat.
  • Dead Lift.
  • Leg Press.
  • Leg Extention.
  • Front Lunge (dumbbell or barbell).
  • Reverse Lunge.
  • Lying Leg Curl.
  • Straight-leg Dead Lift.
  • Standing Calf Raise.
  • One-leg Dumbbell Calf Raise.
  • Leg Press Machine Calf Press.
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