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Bodybuilding Competition

Once the body is sculpted as desired after working out really harder for shaping it into the muscular art form, the body builder then looks forward to participate in the body building competitions as he anticipates his body stature to be watched and adjudged by the third party for noting his progress. Anyway, various factors are required to be borne in the mind while deciding to participate in any body building competitions. The contender is required to have great competitiveness and could prove to be highly awesome and passionate. Besides perfecting the physical requirements for any body building competitions there are some more features that perhaps hardly involve work outs.

The basics of body building competitions could be described as -

•  Ensure that you get the deep, dark suntan attained through going to the beach or to the tanning bed. The spray-on tan is also the option, but anyway, beware that some of the spray-on tans turns into an ugly looking orange color too. The muscles could be rather noticeable if they are more tanned, provided the tan color suits your stature and is not very obvious

•  It is very essential to select the music of your choice that really makes the crowd driven and motivated. Simultaneously if the music piece you select contributes to your poses or just consider that if your poses compliment the music being played of your choice, will greatly impress or influence the judges

•  In most of the competitions using oils of any kind is not permitted now a days, hence ensure thoroughly about the competition rules for every event that you intend to participate, in advance. Oils usually help exhibiting muscles distinctly

•  Body building clothing is another significant factor. The contender should go for his or her clothes that really suits the stature and is comfortable while performing. Speedo style swim suit for male participants and the attractive and beautiful bikini for females contenders would be ideal choice, for instance

•  The contender should always be realistic and focused to his or her optimal performance during any body building competition, while trying to learn the things from the experiences towards perfection. Though body building competitions could well be considered as the best way of showcasing your physique and muscles in front of the world, but is not the end of the concept

In the general category of body building competition events there are certain sessions uniformly performed all over the world with slight variations, such as -

•  Prejudging session wherein every contender is evaluated in three different rounds which again incorporate three different rounds.

•  Round 1 is considered as the semi-relaxed posture wherein the participants are viewed from the front, back and profiles in their arms in the down position. Their proportions and uniformity are judged minutely.

•  Round 2 is the obligatory posture where all the contenders are adjudged in over seven compulsory postures like front double biceps, rear double biceps etc

•  Round 3 is free posing where the participants are allocated precisely one minute for exhibiting their own posing scheduled without music. This round also evaluates contender's stage presentation skill.

•  Free posing with music permits them to pose individually for nine seconds on the music beats selected by them

•  Pose down permits only the top contenders from each weight category to re-perform and then

•  Overall pose down is held for declaring the ultimate winners. They are finally allowed to perform their best poses and enjoy the victory.

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