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Bodybuilding Exercise Addiction

The addiction means the compulsion or dependence on the typical habit. The term addiction is widely associated with drugs, alcohols, gambling or just anything of similar bad habits. There are some people who are literally addicted to exercises. For them the exercises are becoming compulsive to the extent like physically, psychologically and emotionally which perhaps is considered as vicious as drugs. However, like other addictions, the requirement to compulsive exercise is directed by the array of motivations. These could incorporate avoidance, temper treatment, aspiration for controlling and overall for surviving with life.

Though exercise addiction is scarce but may escalate along with changes in the exercise patterns, especially as exercise is ethnically accepted or even admired. It is commonly believed that exercise addiction is correlated to the eating disarray anorexia nervosa, which does affect to hardly 1 percent of the population. The typical feelings of exercising of course intervenes major features of the routine life. Irrespective of kind, any addiction is considered to be progressive. Moreover, exercise can turn the organizing principle in anybody's life at the cost of non-exercise activities or relationships, family or work etc. Even there may the intensifying expectation or obsession as well as the progressive need to generate the exercise opportunities.

Exercise addiction could cause various symptoms such as: the decreasing efficacy of behavioral attitude, depression, anxiety, social or emotional loneliness, and disturbed sleep habits etc. Besides this, the addicted person would progressively become deceitful, cynical or suspicious and mysterious in practicing or increasing the exercise opportunities. Also it is found that the exercise addict would diminish and substantiate to safeguard what is progressively becoming pathological behavior. The vicious circle of addiction states that while trying to deal with such problems, the person would more aggressively and decisively engage in addictive behavior. From the addict's viewpoint, it could seem impossible to arrest such vicious circle without any help. Chronic exercise addiction could however be relentlessly unbearable condition evaluating clinical interference or even hospitalization in some typical cases.

The individuals who have been affected or addicted to exercising are generally distinguished by their compulsive exercise behaviors, excessive participation in exercise as well as presence of the activity disorder which means they exercise at an interval, intensity and frequency in excess than necessary for any sport. The inflexible schedule of powerful exercise is sustained in association with strong feelings of guiltiness when such exercise schedule or routine is dishonored. The exercise addicts willingly dislike skipping their exercising routines, but by chance they even skip the schedule, they would overdo their exercise during their next routine after such skip. It is also most common that the exercise addicts may bunk their schools, avoid or miss out the social occasions for their exercise workouts.

The severity of the addiction can also rich so high that even in case of any illness or in the state of tiredness, they don't wish to skip their exercise routine and maintain the detailed journal of their workouts. Besides this, the exercise addiction can even lead to disordered eating behaviors too.

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