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Junior Bodybuilding - To Develop Muscle Mass in Juniors or Teenagers


Bodybuilding is a famous sport that not only builds a marvelous physique but also brings passion by creating high interest in building muscles. Once you begin to enjoy, it will become much easier for you to do intense workouts and build body for own satisfaction or to participate in various body building events. Nowadays, bodybuilding is not only a kind of interest for matured people but it has become passion for juniors' too. Earlier, people believe that body building may be dangerous for youths, as it may obstruct the proper growth of their body. But now, with the statements given by various experts people have become well aware of the fact that body building is a safe and effective activity when it is being done in a proper way.

Body building has been found to be good for our juniors as it increases bone density, improves muscular coordination, and the most important thing to carry on workouts, high increase in strength. Build muscles using basic exercises such as presses, rows, squats, and dead lifts are extremely important at beginner's level. As, basic exercises wholly target the major muscle groups and help you establish a foundation to build on. These exercises will put the muscles on your frame. They will allow you to do intense workouts for each body part as now they require maximum effort from the muscle groups.

With the rise of efforts being made by juniors in body building, various junior body building events also started in this respect. On 26th June 2004, the Junior California Bodybuilding & Figure championship was held in Pasadena , CA . This was the first annual and was held in conjunction with the NPC Western Collegiate Championships . For male, Antonin Kirvej ( Czech Republic ) stood first in that, Ladislav Korsch ( Slovakia ) got second and Unata Tshikla ( South Africa ) got the third prize. And for female, Florina Cernat ( Romania ) stood first,Alexandra Deveckova ( Slovakia ) stood secondand Michaela Kohutova ( Czech Republic ) got the third prize in junior body building open championship.

So, with the increased popularity of junior body building events, juniors are too able to prove themselves in the field of body building competition. I.Borkovec, the young Czech bodybuilder adds to his success story with a first place finish in the 2006 that it's a great opportunity for we people now to work hard on this great platform of body building and compete with others.

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