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Safety Precautions and Basic Gym Safety

The safety factor at any point of time in the life has always been given priority by the human-being. Before doing anything, the most significant aspect taken into prime consideration is of course safety, like someone has rightly said: 'Safety First'. In case of the exercises, for obtaining the optimal benefits out of workouts during the strength training or power training regimen, assured safety boosts the body builder's confidence. As he is feels guarded against probable injuries or other complications. But for that it is very important for the body builder to understand and adhere to all the recommended precautionary measures. Some of such safety recommendations are appended below:

Get the comprehensive physical check up before initiating the strength training program. Perhaps you would be directed to alter or even avert weight lifting especially if you are facing the muscle or joint problems, seizure disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure of hypertension, have had any injuries in the recent past or any other unwanted physical condition that may be prone to serious consequences or endanger your life.

Always ensure incorporating warm-ups, stretching or flexibility and cooling down into your routine program. This may help you diminishing the risk of injuries by raising your blood flow and hindering the muscles for the work that you are supposed to do. By using the appropriate lifting form is essential not only to work the muscles accurately but also for averting injuries. Try to do the exercises in full swing but slow pace and controlled method.

While initiating the fresh weight lifting program or the fresh exercise, start with lighter weights buy choosing the weight that you are comfortable with and do the warm-up set of 15 repetitions. Then gradually add more weight to reach to your optimal strength and maintain that level effectively.

However, during the initial few weeks of your workouts, attempting to the total muscle fatigue by using the challenging weight is not ideal move anyway. While trying the new weight or the fresh routine, the intention should be practicing and perfecting the technique and learn the method of concentrating on the muscle that your are exercising.

Proper breathing technique plays the vital role in weight lifting program, like by holding the breath while lifting the weight you may be at risk of raised blood pressure and famish your brain of oxygen. You should try to exhale during the main exertion phase, and inhale during the phase wherein your resist and come back gradually.

Ensure that the exercise equipments are not lying around in the workout room avoid stumble over. Ensure using collars to stop weights from falling off the barbells. Also keep your hands way from the chains, cams, pulleys as well as weight plates or exercise machines while they are being used.

While selecting the weight for exercising machine, ensure pushing the pin-in without fail. Wearing the weight lifting belt especially while undergoing the exercise that generates stress on the lower back like bent-over lifts like squats or barbell rows, is essential.

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