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Top 10 faulty Exercise Tactics

Physical fitness is a lifelong programme that must be adhered to. The first step is to start an exercise program and frame a workout schedule with the help of trainer. However one must understand there are faulty exercise tactics that one should stay away from. Here are the 10 faulty exercise tactics that must be avoided -

  1. Avoid volume training - The most common mistake is doing many sets and volume training to gain quick benefits and weight loss. This is in fact a wrong tactic. Avoid doing more than two or three movements in one workout per muscle group as this will result in essential muscle loss. Over training may prove to be harmful and scientifically there is no evidence to link volume of training with increase in muscle mass and body strength. Do as much as you can and don't push yourself.
  2. Avoid moving quickly - Very quickly accelerating and decelerating body movements often result in injuries. Moreover it doesn't sound worthwhile, as one is constantly loading and unloading muscle groups creating tension in body. Avoid moving quickly to activate fast twitch fibers. It is proven that muscle fibers react to intensity and tension. When intensity is high, twitch fibers are quickly activated. This in long run proves to be harmful.
  3. Limiting the motion range - The range of motion must be checked and motion range must not be stretched. For example it is okay to do leg presses along with gigantic weights but when the weight moves only a few inches it is not fine .Do as much as you can. Avoid moving rapidly with squads at a half squat position with a huge weight. It does not help significantly and instead results in injury to lower back.
  4. Training too frequently - The most common mistake that people do is they start training too frequently to gain more. This is in effect a wrong tactic and tires body endlessly. Excessive training is in fact bad for the overall health of the body. Give body some rest.
  5. Working out without a plan - It is very important to set your goal from the very beginning and with the help of your trainer create an exercise plan and stick to it. Training in clueless, readily improvising wont lead you anywhere .As you need direction and purpose in life, same is needed in exercise.
  6. Grimacing - Frowning, screaming and grunting while doing exercise to make the reps is faulty. This reflects that you are not correctly targeting the muscle group and are relying on other muscle groups and building up body momentum to move the weight. This is incorrect posture and must be avoided.
  7. Overweight despite exercising - Many a times people do the mistake of gaining weight to lift a great mass of weight. Being over fat and overweight despite exercising is not correct. It is important to build muscles but to be strong and healthy with low body fat. Otherwise the whole purpose of exercise is defeated.
  8. Building on resistance - Avoid building on resistance if your body doesn't support it. Don't push your body in to doing it. How much resistance that you can apply significantly depends on a number of factors like leverage, muscular efficiency, movements in reps, exercise routine and time duration between various exercises. Body muscles respond to intensity of exercise and tension generated in the body. Avoid using big weights if you cannot build resistance to them. Give your muscles optimal stimulus in various movements.
  9. Supplements - Avoid excessive use of supplements to derive nutrition. Instead concentrate on getting more nutrition from real food. It is cost effective and diet effective as well. If you have to resort to supplements then take scientifically tested, proven substances under medical guidance. Avoid hormone derivatives sold over the counter as they may prove out to be dangerous.
  10. Do not be over Muscular - Do believe what the trainers in gyms and health clubs advice you. But there is a limit to all things. Avoid being too muscular, as such shapes cannot be maintained in daily routine.
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