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Calisthenics Workouts and Exercise Program for a complete fitness workout routine

Calisthenics - Calisthenics Workouts and Exercise Program for a complete fitness workout routine

Calisthenics exercise are also known as body strengthening exercises. Calisthenics is a type of exercise consisting of a variety of simple movements usually performed without weights or some other equipment that are used to increase body strength, endurance and flexibility using the weight of one's own body for resistance. Calisthenics has been originally oriented from gymnastics. Organized systems of calisthenics in America took a back seat to competitive sports after the Battle of the Systems during which states mandated physical education systems.

Calisthenics workout help to raise your fitness levels by strengthening a variety of muscle throughout your body, including both the cardiac and skeletal muscles. By raising heart-beat rate, they contribute to improved heart health and lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Calisthenics is performed on stage therefore requiring detailed choreography and often under limited space conditions. In addition to the team events there is also a solo activity known as the Graceful Calisthenic Competitor or Graceful girl. "Graceful girl" is designed to enhance the dancers grace and poise, flexibility, appearance, ability to interpret music into dance and dance ability.

Calisthenics Exercise

Calisthenics exercise concentrate on specific areas of the body. For example, situps target the abdominal muscles, while push-ups concentrate mostly on the pectoral muscles. Other examples, include jumping jacks, any floor exercises or gymnastics and leg lifts.

Calisthenics exercise is evaluated, each with specific time parameters and specific exercise form mechanics. Everyone must exercise till any of the following things occur - either muscle failure or time completion - whichever occurs first. The goal of all the persons here is to do as many "good form" repetitions as possible in the time allotted or when muscle failure is reached.


While performing calisthenics a proper routine must be followed, otherwise the person will lead to injury. Exercise routine is strictly enforced during the calisthenics training. You must take atleast a 3 minute break between each calisthenics workout.

How can I reduce my excess of weight by doing Calisthenics?

In order to reduce your weight fast by calisthenics, it is very important to follow a strict calorie-controlled diet plan, containing an adequate supply of essential nutrients like carbs and protein, as well as a full range of vitamins, minerals and herbs. And if you combine that strict calorie controlled plan with calisthenics workout and your weight reduction would beverly fast. Remember, a well-nourished body loses weight faster. In addition to this, for more better results if you write your weight loss stats for every week then when you will see your weight loss stats afterwards (that you had lost so much ponds of weight), it would be a great source for increasing your motivation towards workout.

Some of the Calisthenics Workouts that you can perform:

Dumbbell Calf Raises

SETUP: Hold a dumbbell in your left hand and stand on top of a box, heels hanging off the edge. Maintain you balance by grasping a sturdy object or wall, and lift your right foot so that you are standing only on your left foot.

MOVEMENT: Flex your calf to raise your body, then lower to the start. And repeat this four times.

Shoulder Press

Sit on adjustable bench after setting the back to an 85-degree angle. Grasp a dumbbell in one hand and position the weight beside your shoulder, with your palm facing forward. Place your fee hand or your waist and spread your feet comfortably to maintain balance. Press the weight upward to full around extension, pause briefly and then lower the dumbbell back down to the starting position; repeat complete 8-12 repetitions and then switch arms for the same amount. Perform 2-4 sites per arm.


Push ups exercise is mainly performed for building chest, shoulders and triceps. Lie face down on the floor hands about shoulder width apart keep your palms turned inward slightly, push-up until your arms are straight, lower and repeat for reps.

To make it more difficult elevate your feet. Also, try different hand placements (closer together or farther apart). They can also be done between chairs, this was the favorite exercise of Charles Atlas. Another variation is Dips between parallel bars.


Stand upright, holding a dumbbell beside your thigh in one hand with your palm facing in. Place your free hand on your hip and spread your legs to hip width to maintain your balance.

Keeping your torso erect, lift your shoulder upward in a shrugging motion. Pause briefly at the highest comfortable point and then lower the shoulder back down to the stretched starting position and then repeat the whole procedure. Remember to keep your arm straight at all times. Complete 10-12 repetitions and then switch arms for the same amount. Perform 2-4 set per arm.


Use hyper extensions for your calisthenics workouts. Hyper Extension bench should be used for this purpose. If your gym doesn't have one, lie force down, crosswise, on a high bench so your torso is over the edge of the bench. Have your partner hold, sit, or in some way place resistance on your legs to counter balance the weight of your torso.

Place a light weight behind your neck and bend over at the waist. Slowly, raise your torso using your erector spine muscles untill your have come as high as possible. That should activate the greatest percentage of momentarily available muscle fibres, but to ensure that they were responsible for raising your torso, hold the fully contracted position for a distinct pause before lowering yourself slowly, in 4 seconds, back to the starting position. Repeat for your ISR, and then decrease the resistance and perform four more.

Grip Exercise

To build forearms and hand strength. Use a pocket hand gripper (which will get easily from any store which keeps sports and bodybuilding related things), or a hard rubber ball that fits in your hand, squeeze as hard as you can, relax and repeat for many reps.

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