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Why sleep is important for daily living?

  • Lack of sleep can lead to nervous breakdown.
  • Quality sleep rejuvenates the nerve centers in the body.
  • Assimilation and elimination process start at night, restful aids these process.

  • Everyone knows the importance of sleeping. The day when you wake up getting less sleep or no sleep at all is usually a horror. How much sleep do I need

    It differs from person to person. For some, five to six hours of sleep is more than enough while some tend to sleep for eight to ten hours. There is no fixed number of hours that you need to sleep. Wake up when your body wakes you up, that the best way to sleep.

    Sleeping with alarms may be important for many, but it severe interrupts restful sleep. The moment your alarm goes off may be the time when you are in state of REM or deep sleep. This is very counter productive. How sleep affects moods.

    If you don't sleep well you will feel stressed out the whole day. There will be depressive thoughts and mood swings. Why does this happen?
  • Your nerve centers are weak due to sleep deprivation.
  • they are lot of toxins left out in your body since you did not allow the body eliminate them while you rest.
  • the coordination of your motor centers is slow due to lack of rest.
  • Your creative abilities will diminish badly as would your analytical abilities. Your would at a pace which is atleast 50% lower than your normal. Your driving skills would be hampered and there is higher chance of meeting with an accident. Remember, sleep is your body's requirement not a luxury. You need to allow for atleast 6 hours of sleep everyday no matter how busy you are. What you should do to get restful sleep. The most important phase of sleep is the REM sleep or deep sleep. Many people fidget while sleeping, they get nightmares, they don't breath properly and feel totally drugged the next day.

    Following the below steps would ensure a peaceful sleep.

  • Don't eat a heavy dinner, make sure you are done with your dinner atleast 2 hours before you plan on sleeping.
  • Don't drink too much, alcohol is known is complete disrupt your sleep. The body works extra hard to eliminate the toxins through out the night and you get up feeling really tired.
  • Try eating vegetarian food for dinner. It is easy to digest and hence more energy is available for the body to work on assimilation and elimination processes.
  • Avoid any stimulants like coffee or cigarettes before going to sleep. You will feel restless and fidgety while sleeping.
  • Reading a book before you sleep is a good practice, since reading helps you soothe your nerves.
  • Why is sleep important in the afternoon

    Napping as it is commonly called is highly beneficial. Your body slogs through the morning hours facing the stress of traffic, office problems and other issues. It is normal to feel fatigued towards afternoon especially after lunch. Napping for a period of one hour or half an hour is more than enough to restore nerve energy back. It will also ensure that you are highly productive in the afternoon and evening instead of just dragging yourself through the rest of the day.
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