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Yoga and Fitness

The most significant benefit of yoga is mental and physical therapy. By keeping the body flexible, clean and well-lubricated, one can largely reduce the catabolic process of deterioration of cells in the Body.

The regular practice of yoga could help in several ailments such as digestive disorders, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, varicose veins and heart conditions. Several laboratory tests had shown that the person who performs yoga has increased abilities of consciously controlling autonomic or involuntary functions. Currently, Research into the effects of yogic practices on HIV is under progress with promising outcome.

According to the medical scientists, yoga therapy is beneficial because of the balance that is created in the endocrine and nervous systems which aims directly by influencing all the systems and organs of the body. Yoga acts both as a preventive and curative therapy. The essence of yoga lies in the attainment of mental peace, improvement in the level of concentration powers in addition to a relaxed state of living and harmony.

Through the practice of yoga, one can become aware of the interconnection between the emotional, physical and mental levels of the human body. Steadily this awareness leads to an understanding of the more delicate areas of the very existence. The ultimate aim of yoga is to make it possible to fuse together the total physical, material, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels within oneself.


  • Increased overall health, energy and vitality

  • Greater body awareness

  • A stronger and leaner body

  • Increased flexibility with improved range of motion

  • Better posture

  • Natural weight loss

  • Reduced stress and tension

  • Improved concentration

  • Weight reduction.

  • Back pain.

  • High blood pressure

Yoga practice leads to an increase in the self-knowledge. This knowledge is not merely restricted to the practical kind relating to techniques but of a spiritual sort relating to grasp something about the nature of the self at rest.

Through different postures of Yoga we can easily reduce extra fat from our body. Some of the Postures stimulate sluggish glands to increase their hormonal secretions. For example, the thyroid gland has a big effect on our weight as it affects body metabolism. Postures like shoulder stand and the fish posture are particular for the thyroid gland. These Postures increase fat metabolism in the Body thereby converting fat to muscle and energy.


1. Before beginning yoga classes, always tell your teacher about any medical problems you have, including back and joint problems.

2. If any posture causes you pain you should stop and let your teacher know.

3. Never try difficult postures, such as head and shoulder stands, without first being shown how to do this by a qualified teacher.

4. Women who are pregnant, or have their period, shouldn't practice certain postures - your teacher will advise you about which these are.

5. After a yoga class make sure that you drink plenty of water.

6. Do under a certified yoga trainer.

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